Keep Damaging Insects from Becoming Monster Problems

The Bug Free Grains team at Central Life Sciences is in the business of protecting stored grain from damaging insects. We develop innovative products that help prevent and control infestations throughout the insect life cycle, from insect growth regulators and synergists to insecticides and combination products.

We identify problems and solve them – that’s what makes us an industry leader in Bug Free Grains. Now, we have an innovative solution for insect control in post-harvest grains stored on-farm …

Introducing Gravista®-D Insecticide

Gravista®-D Insecticide is the only dual-purpose, dry product on the market that combines a synergized adulticide with an insect growth regulator:

  • For use in stored grain sorghum (milo), corn, popcorn, barley, oats, rice, rye, and wheat
  • Helps control weevils and other listed pests

Protect Your Investment

The economic loss can be felt throughout the grain storage process as insects interfere with grain quality and the ability to move that grain into the market. Protect the post-harvest grain in your bin to help prevent insects from damaging your bottom line.

Control the impact insects can have on your stored post-harvest grain Why take the risk?

Ask Your Agronomist and Contact Us to Learn More

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