Products and Procedures

Establishing the right lineup of insect control procedures and products is an essential element of protection. That’s why Central Life Sciences has developed Bug Free Grains Stored Product Solutions, a unique grouping of products that work to control grain insects at every stage of the insect life cycle. The Bug Free Grains lineup includes a variety of products such as insect growth regulators, synergists and insecticides. Designed for use during the sanitation and grain storage process, these products are available in different formulations that allow for an array of application methods.

Prior To Harvest

The success of an Integrated Pest Management program is largely dependent on steps taken before grain is even loaded into storage. Learn how to control pests in stored grain before harvest.


Application of grain treatment products to grain stream as the commodity is loaded into storage is ideal. Learn about post-harvest treatment options.

Existing Infestation

Fumigation, rescue treatment, and preventative treatment are steps that can be taken when dealing with existing insect infestation.