In Need of Rescue?

Turn and Treat

Even when you find signs of an insect infestation in your stored grain, it’s not too late to protect your bottom line. Bug Free Grains offers rescue options as an alternative to costly fumigation.

Check out our options below, and reach out to a Bug Free Grains sales representative near you for support and guidance as needed.

Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide

A Boost to Short-Term Storage & Rescue Treatments

Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide combines both an adulticide and a synergist, providing effective knockdown to help control even the toughest stored product insects for storage of 6 months or less.

*Note: Some situations may require fumigation with an EPA-registered fumigant for short term control of stored grain insects.


The Bug Free Grains lineup from Central Life Sciences includes a variety of products including insect growth regulators, synergists, insecticides and combination products. Designed for use during the sanitation and grain storage process, these products are available in different formulations that allow for an array of application methods.

Find the best products for your operation and learn how they can help conquer stored grain insects once and for all.

Tips for Treatment

For short-term storage and rescue treatments, turn the grain and treat with Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide. For the most effective control of stored grain insects in the future, get ahead of infestations with proactive prevention. This includes cleaning empty bins, treating empty bins and applying grain protectants to the newly harvested grains as they go into the cleaned bins.

Need more detail? Check out our Bug Free Grains Catalog. Read label directions for use for applying products.

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