Centynal™ EC Insecticide

Centynal EC Insecticide, now an emulsifiable concentrate, kills a broad spectrum of stored product insects. Whether it’s applied directly to the grain stream or as an empty bin treatment, Centynal EC Insecticide helps protect stored grains against damage from Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, granary weevils, rice weevils and more. Centynal EC Insecticide can be relied upon as a consistent resource for protecting rice, wheat, corn and more, from a wide range of insect infestations.

  • Enhanced emulsifiable concentrate formulation
  • Dilute with water or oil
  • The active ingredient deltamethrin
  • Broad-use pattern
  • May be tank mixed with Diacon® IGR and PBO-8® Synergist
  • CODEX approved

Apply Centynal EC Insecticide in the grain stream, as an empty bin treatment or spot, crack and crevice treatment to control adult insect infestations. Centynal EC Insecticide is a suspension concentrate that provides an effective knockdown with a long lasting residual.

  • Dilute with water or oil to provide a concentration of 0.5-1.0 ppm of Centynal EC Insecticide
  • Treatment options by commodity of 0.5 ppm and 1 ppm
  • 3-5 gal per 1,000 bushels when applied to the grain stream
  • 1 gal per 1,000 ft for empty bin treatments
  • Always follow label directions
  • Application rates vary by commodity, see label for complete directions.