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Pyronyl™ Fogging PF Insecticide

This combination of pyrethrin insecticide and synergist piperonyl butoxide (PBO) offers quick knockdown of common stored product pests inside buildings, structures and on modes of transport.

  • Provides control of granary weevils, rice weevils, confused flour beetles, sawtoothed grain beetles and Indian meal moths
  • Apply as a fogging concentrate, space or direct contact spray
  • Approved for use in grain elevators, grain mills, granaries, flour mills and on modes of transport including trucks, trailers and rail cars
For control of stored product pests, apply Pyronyl™ Fogging PF Insecticide with equipment designed and adjusted to deliver a true aerosol mist.
  • Effective dosage at 1 oz per 1,000 cu ft of space
  • Deliver as aerosol spray with no droplets over 50 microns in diameter and 80% less than 30 microns
  • Always follow label directions for user safety recommendations, environmental hazards, application methods and usage restrictions

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