Three Key Advantages to Using Diacon® IGR PLUS

While fumigation can effectively eliminate infestations in stored grain, it is a temporary solution that can be costly and present challenges to an operation. For many operations, fumigation can be avoided with proper proactive measures, such as doing a pre-bin treatment and on grain application of Diacon® IGR PLUS as grains are moving into storage. Here are three key advantages to including Diacon® IGR PLUS into your stored grain protectant protocol:

  1. Protecting grains with Diacon® IGR PLUS can translate into a significant return on investment. For one customer, treating an empty flat storage facility with Diacon® IGR PLUS eliminated the need to fumigate he’d experienced in the past, producing a return he estimates as 45:1.
  2. Formulated to effectively control stored product insects, Diacon® IGR PLUS delivers strong residual protection that helps minimize damage and optimize profits.
  3. A proactive treatment protocol with Diacon® IGR PLUS will allow you to avoid grain bin entry altogether and avoid hazards associated with fumigation. Diacon® IGR PLUS can be used both as a bin prep and as a direct grain treatment.

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