Central Life Sciences, whose founders pioneered insect growth regulator (IGR) technology, today announced the release of two products. Diacon® IGR PLUS offers a combination insecticide and insect growth regulator, and Centynal™ EC Insecticide is now offered as an emulsifiable concentrate formulation for ease of use and greater application range. The two products bolster Central Life Sciences’ comprehensive collection of insect-control solutions for stored grain.

“We have built a portfolio of products that truly offers comprehensive protection for stored grains,” said Nancy Stratinsky, business manager for the Specialty Agriculture division of Central Life Sciences. “The release of Diacon® IGR PLUS and Centynal™ EC Insecticide reflects our commitment to the marketplace and ability to deliver the kinds of solutions our customers are seeking.”

Diacon® IGR PLUS combines the residual control of the insect growth regulator (S)-methoprene with the knockdown power of insecticide deltamethrin in one product. This formulation offers the convenience of a single-product solution for both on-grain and sanitation needs. Diacon® IGR PLUS is available in one-quart and 2.5-gallon sized containers.

Centynal™ EC Insecticide improves upon the original formulation of this broad-spectrum insecticide. Now available as an emulsified concentrate, the product can be diluted with water or oil, or it can be added as a tank mix with Diacon® IGR and/or PBO-8® Synergist to provide the kill of adult insects on contact. Centynal™ EC Insecticide offers residual control of many insects and is available in a one-gallon size.

Both Diacon® IGR PLUS and Centynal™ EC Insecticide are CODEX approved for the protection of stored wheat, rice, corn and more. The products can be applied directly to the grain stream, as an empty bin treatment, a spot crack-and-crevice treatment, a fogging concentrate or as a surface spray. The products join the complete lineup of Bug Free Grains solutions – including Diacon® IGR,Diacon®-D IGR, PBO-8® Synergist and Pyronyl™ Crop Spray – in providing effective control of stored product insects including the lesser grain borer, rice weevil, Indian meal moth, saw-toothed grain beetle and more. Discover where to buy our stored grain protectants near you, or contact us to learn more.