Diacon® IGR Plus


In 2017, Central Life Sciences, Schaumburg, IL (800-248-7763), introduced Diacon IGR Plus to its line of grain protectants.

According to Nancy Stratinsky, business manager-specialty agriculture, Diacon IGR Plus combines the residual control of the insect growth regulator (S)-methoprene and the insecticide deltamethrin in one product to control stored product pests.

Diacon IGR Plus offers the convenience of two active ingredients in one product to control insects in both adult and larval stages, says Stratinsky. “It can be used for pre-bin treatments and equipment and warehouse applications, directly on grain as it goes into storage, and perimeter treatments.”

Here is what some users say about the Central Life Sciences’ Diacon IGR Plus:

Rick Edmonds
Barnett Elevator
Litchfield, IL

“This is our second year of using Diacon IGR Plus, if memory serves. We used to use malathion years ago, but the bugs became resistant to it. So with Diacon IGR Plus, we felt that it fell into place of malathion to where a normal farmer can use it without needing a license – that’s one of the things we like about it.

“As far as effectiveness, if you use it properly, it does a fine job. You want to use the recommended rates. Sometimes, people try to save a penny or two by reducing the rate, and it’s not as effective.

Gas is cheaper, but you have to be licensed, and it presents a lot of environmental hazards in the area where it’s applied.

“However, Diacon IGR Plus reduces the amount of fumigations that need to be performed, which results in some pretty significant cost savings.

“Overall, Diacon IGR Plus just gives another mode of action. It gives a lot of residual control, and it’s safe to handle. As an alternative to what’s already out there on the market, I think it gives us another weapon.”

Joe Logsdon
General Manager
Tremont Cooperative Grain
Tremont, IL

“We started using Diacon IGR Plus a little more than a year ago. We had been using different products that insects were beginning to resist, so we decided to mix things up, so we used the product as a spray in our empty bins.

“We’re just now starting to empty some bins, so we can’t comment with complete certainty on of how effective the treatment has been, but I will say that we aren’t seeing any insects around the facility. That’s typically a good sign, and we think that it’s worked. We will know more here in the coming weeks when we empty more bins. Early indicators are looking good.

“We chose to go with Diacon IGR Plus over some other products because we liked how it works on both larva and adult insects.”

Randy Kalk
Operations Manager/Co-Owner
Alternative Pest Solutions
Madison, WI

“We’ve been using Diacon IGR Plus for about two years now, mainly for treating empty bins and flat storage buildings. The reason we chose this product is because of the broad label and ease of mixing. In the past, we used another deltamethrin product and mixed it with Diacon. With Diacon IGR Plus, both the methoprene and deltamethrin are already pre-mixed so it makes the mixing and calibrating process much simpler.

“We’ve been very happy with the performance thus far. We have a customer who had bug problems in his flat storage building pretty regularly. In 2017, we treated it with Diacon IGR Plus, and that did the trick. They haven’t had any issues since.


Source: Grain Journal