Treating Grains While Loading Into Storage
Set up product application equipment prior to loading grains. As grain is loaded into storage, calibrate equipment to allow a uniform distribution of grain treatment products. Grains can be treated with a tank-mix combination of Diacon® IGR and Centynal EC Insecticide or Diacon® IGR PLUS by itself for knockdown insecticide and protection against future generations.

Recommended Products

Diacon IGR Family Product Shot

Diacon® IGR is approved virtually everywhere stored product insects are a problem. Diacon® IGR interrupts the life cycle, providing long-term control.

This stored grain insecticide can be used in empty grain bins/silos and on grain to knockdown weevils and other pests to prevent bugs in grain.

Diacon IGR Plus Family Product Shot

This stored grain insect control contains an adulticide and insect growth regulator for quality grain protection to help get rid of weevils and other pests.

PBO-8 Synergist Family Product Shot

A synergist for many classes of insecticides, PBO-8® works by blocking production of mixed-function oxidase enzymes.

Diacon®-D IGR is a insect growth regulator, ready-to-use, dry formulation option for controlling insects at on-farm and off-premise storage sites.