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Tank-Mixing is Officially Over. Stored Grain Insects Won’t Stand a Chance!

At Central Life Sciences, we don’t innovate for the sake of innovating. We identify problems and solve them. Our line-up of stored grain product solutions has evolved to protect your stored commodities from monster infestations, helping to improve your bottom line and make your job that much easier.

No More Tank Mixing!

For years, our customers have been asking us about all-in-one products to eliminate the need for tank-mixing, and we heard you. Our innovative new solutions remove the need to tank-mix.

An Evolution of Ease

The stored grain protection you’ve been waiting for is here with two innovative, time-saving, combination products: Gravista™ Insecticide and Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide – pre-mixed for convenience, made to destroy monster bugs and control even the toughest stored product insects.

We have an array of grain protection solutions – and now new products that do not require tank-mixing.

The wait is over. All you have to do now is scroll.

So, Tell Me More About Gravista™ Insecticide…

Wipes Out a Variety of Stored Product Insects

Gravista™ Insecticide combines an adulticide, an insect growth regulator, and a synergist – kills labeled insects and breaks their life cycles.


3-in-1 Product  No Tank-Mixing

CODEX Approved  International Flexibility

Prevents Future Generations  Long-term Residual Control

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What Does Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide Offer?

Boosted Effectiveness when You Need It Most

Centynal™ Synergized Insecticide brings a boost to short-term grain storage and rescue treatments by combining both an adulticide and a synergist. The two components present an effective option to control stored grain insects.


Contains an adulticide and synergist  Effective knockdown of stored grain insects

CODEX Approved  International Flexibility

Approved for use on grain, empty bin and perimeter* treatments  Insect control where you need it

*Not for use in California

These additions to our foundational line-up offer more options for post-harvest insect control and bottom line protection than ever before. Both are non-restricted-use products that feature multiple active ingredients in one bottle.

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