Meeting Today’s High Grain Standards

The grain market today is competitive, and overall standards have risen as buyers are more critical of grain with insect damaged kernels (IDK) and mycotoxins. Protecting grain today means moving beyond aeration and monitoring. Utilizing grain protectants is a critical addition to those steps. Check out how you can help meet today’s high grain standards by eliminating damaging post-harvest grain insects:

  • Pre-treat your empty bins first, then treat your grain as it goes into storage as part of a comprehensive insect control program utilizing the grain protectant solution that best meets your needs:
    • Diacon®-D IGR: a dry formulation insect growth regulator designed for locations where water is scarce.
    • Diacon® IGR: excellent for long-term control of lesser grain borers, Indian meal moths, saw-toothed grain beetles, and other listed pests.
    • Centynal™ EC Insecticide: an adulticide that provides effective knockdown and control of labeled stored grain insects.
    • Diacon® IGR PLUS: ideal for use on stored grains or for treating empty bins and warehouses.
    • PBO-8® Synergist: An ideal synergist to tank-mix with Centynal™ EC Insecticide or Diacon® IGR PLUS.

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