Do Not Enter! Solutions to Avoid Grain Bin Entry

A Purdue University study shows a “hike in grain entrapment incidents” with these incidents trending upward. In that same study, “15 states had injuries or death,” with Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska having the most such grain bin accidents in the United States. While not a light topic to talk about, it’s critical to continue this conversation and for industry leaders to seek alternatives to grain bin entry where possible to help protect against future incidents.

When growers see their commodity infested with stored grain insects, fumigation is usually the first thought as a solution to remove these profit-robbing bugs. While effective, there are risks of fumigation. Grain engulfment and suffocation from falling into the grain, entanglement with moving machinery, and toxic atmospheres are just a few of the risks that accompany grain bin entry. Fumigation can sometimes be necessary, depending on the severity of the infestation, however, a majority of insect infestations can be curbed and controlled with a sound treatment protocol in place that can serve as an alternative to grain fumigation.

A proactive approach and a strong first line of defense to control grain insects is paramount. Featuring solutions for empty bin pre-treatments, grain rescue, short and long-term storage, the Bug Free Grains lineup of grain protectants from Central Life Sciences can be tailored to meet your grain operation’s needs, without requiring bin entry. Our products let you take matters into your own hands so that you can properly protect your commodities every step of the way, eliminating the needs and risks that come from hiring outside applicators or fumigating on your own.

Using a proactive treatment protocol with grain protectants from Central Life Sciences, you can avoid grain bin entry altogether.

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