How Diacon IGR Optimizes Stored Grain Insect Control

Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) have emerged as one of the most effective forms of stored grain insect control. Featuring S-methoprene, IGRs from Central Life Sciences disrupt the insects’ life cycles by interrupting larval development to reduce spread inside stored grain and across operations.

The Diacon® IGR family of products can be used everywhere stored product insects are a problem. They can be used on all stored grains, spices, feed and seeds including those used for animal and human consumption.

From commercial elevators and on-site farm storage to food processing facilities and everywhere in between, Diacon® IGR products go where insects are to provide long-term control and profit protection.

Diacon® IGR and Diacon®-D IGR

Diacon® IGR and Diacon®-D IGR are both CODEX approved, EPA Tolerance Exempt products that are approved for use virtually everywhere stored product insects are a problem, such as on-farm storage and commercial storage, including upright and ground piles and other listed sites.

Diacon® IGR is a versatile liquid formulation that’s excellent for control of lesser grain borers, Indian meal moths, sawtoothed grain beetles and other stored product insects. Here are some of the other benefits Diacon IGR offers:

  • Labeled for all stored commodities
  • Broad-spectrum control
  • Can be applied directly to grain stream
  • Can be applied as a fogging concentrate or a surface spray

Diacon®-D IGR is a dry formulation insect growth regulator designed for locations where water is scarce. It’s a ready-to-use option for controlling insects at on-farm and off-premise storage sites. Here’s what else Diacon®-D IGR delivers:

  • Application to the grain stream
  • Application as an empty premise treatment

Diacon® IGR PLUS

Diacon® IGR PLUS is a versatile liquid formulation that’s ideal for use on stored grains and for treating empty bins and warehouses for stored product insect control. It provides effective knockdown and control of adult insects and their larvae and prevents buildup of pests with long-residual control of the IGR. Here’s what else Diacon IGR® PLUS offers:

  • Combination insect growth regulator plus adulticide
  • Emulsifiable concentrate
  • Dilute with oil or water
  • Can be applied directly to grain stream
  • CODEX approved for cereal grains

IGRs can play an enormous role in your stored grain protection plan. To learn more about the Diacon® IGR family of products, visit


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