Pre-bin Treatments in One Step to Help Prevent Stored Grain Insects

The IPM Process

Getting ahead of an infestation with an IPM program is an effective way to stunt the growth of insect populations and protect your profits. Integrating a successful IPM program includes:

  • Cleaning and sanitizing your empty bins
  • Loading grain into storage properly
  • Aeration and monitoring via regular bin checks

This process works best when supported by the use of grain protectant products, especially after cleaning empty bins. Once bins are cleaned and sanitized, repairs have been made, and the area surrounding your storage site has also been cleared of trace grains and any debris, it’s time to spray your empty bins with a pre-bin treatment.

Your Pre-Bin Treatment Solution

By applying the right product for a pre-bin treatment, you can provide your stored grain another layer of protection from stored grain insects, making your bin checks and your IPM process that much easier.

We recommend Diacon® IGR PLUS, a versatile liquid formulation that can be used by itself or tank-mixed with a synergist like PBO-8® Synergist. Diacon® IGR PLUS is ideal for treating empty bins and warehouses for stored product insect control.

Apply the solution to equipment, bin walls, floor surfaces and even directly on grain for complete control. When getting ready to treat grain bins, keep the 1-1-1 rule in mind:

  • 1 fl. oz. Diacon® IGR PLUS
  • 1 gallon of water
  • 1,000 square feet per treatment
  • See label for directions for use

Thoroughly cleaning bins and treating with a stored grain protectant can help prevent insect infestations and protect your bottom line. Learn about empty bin treatments with stored grain protection products from the Bug Free Grains team at Central Life Sciences.

Visit our downloads for more information on our products, including guidance on how to implement your own IPM program.


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