Have a Plan for Pre-Bin Treatment


Implementing an integrated pest management (IPM) program that includes treating empty bins with stored grain protectants is a great starting point when it comes to protecting stored commodities from profit robbing insects.

If you plan to store, plan for pre-bin treatments.

Build an IPM Program

Before empty bins are treated, they should be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to ensure the storage process begins without any insect issues. Insects, especially weevils, tend to linger in trace grains. Your IPM program should include cleaning empty grain bins, loading equipment and the perimeter.

Each of these important steps contribute to maintaining grain, and the most successful programs are supported by the use of stored grain protectants

Use a Pre-Bin Application Treatment

The Central Life Sciences Bug Free Grains lineup offers proven post-harvest grain protectant products that control insect infestations ranging from granary, maize, and rice weevils to Indian meal moths and more. For pre-bin treatments, we recommend Gravista® Insecticide or Diacon® IGR PLUS.

  • If you’ve had an issue with weevils before, Gravista® Insecticide is your pre-bin treatment solution as the market’s only 3-in-1 insect control featuring an adulticide, an insect growth regulator (IGR) and a synergist. Gravista® Insecticide kills labeled insects and breaks their life cycles without the need to tank mix. Apply to empty bins before loading into storage.
  • For operations with no record of weevil issues, Diacon® IGR PLUS is a great option, as a combination adulticide PLUS insect growth regulator with long-residual control.

Are you storing in an area where liquid products aren’t feasible? No problem!

  • Diacon®-D IGR is a dry formulation product that was designed for use where water is scarce. Diacon®-D IGR is a ready-to-use option for controlling insects at on-farm and off-premise storage sites.

From insect growth regulators, to synergists and insecticides, and combination products, the versatile Bug Free Grains lineup from Central Life Sciences is available in liquid and dry formats. Simply apply your formula of choice as a surface, spot and crack-and-crevice treatment both inside and outside of bins.

For more information on planning your pre-bin treatment strategy, visit bugfreegrains.com.


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