Reducing Shrink with Gravista®-D Insecticide

Some shrink in stored grain is unavoidable – but did you know that you can substantially reduce shrink due to insect damage? Johnny Wilson, Ph.D. from our Specialty and Grain Protection Technical Services team, conducted a shrink study to demonstrate the positive impact a grain protectant can have.

Watch the video to learn more about what Gravista®-D Insecticide can do to help reduce the impact of stored grain insects on your bottom line. Spoiler alert, Gravista®-D Insecticide goes a long way toward preventing grain damage!

Have Questions? Connect with Johnny

Johnny Wilson

Our team is here to help. If you have a question about the shrink study or about how using grain protectants can help protect your bottom line, email Johnny directly here. He specializes in preparing Integrated Pest Management programs for agricultural production systems and providing recommendations and plans specific to individual operations, as needed.


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